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What are people saying about MasterClass?


"Congratulations on your fantastic movies and beautiful pdf files. A friend at my longstanding art course enthusiastically told me about your work. I had been wondering why her own work suddenly took off. She had previously been reluctant to exhibit and thought she was no good - now she is thinking of giving up her part-time job because she has so many commissions!

I subsequently spent a long time on your site looking at finished work and the instruction videos  - and soon bought a $15 lesson as a trial. Pleased and delighted with the live demonstration and printable instructions, I went on to purchase the Prezzy Pack - not least because the art business book sounded just what I needed. I am currently enjoying your clear unhurried instruction and the attractively presented course notes. I found the business book full of motivating ideas and masses of valuable information that would have taken ages to track down. A real effort saver, enabling more painting time - and less time searching or generally administrating. Overall, I think you have shown me the way ahead as I have now seen the direction I want to travel. You have given  me the opportunity to move on both artistically and promotionally. Thank you so much. "
Eric (UK)

"Hi Richard, I've been painting for some time now, paid for lessons, read extensively in other "how-to" publications. I learned more about mixing color in your Atmospheric Perspective lesson than I ever learned from all those other publications. They're either really basic or so vague that they're impractical. Your lesson has made a huge difference in my paintings. I can change values easily without using nearly as much white and without laboring. The use of white in my color mixes also contributed to the chalky look in a lot of my work. Your point of where to find the "atmosphere color" is something I hadn't heard at all in books, lessons, videos, etc. over many years. Keep up the good work."
Edward. (United States)


"Thanks for your Landscape Painting dvd Richard. You packed so much learning in there I've watched it 3 times already and still haven't got it all. Didn't think I could learn so much in 2 hours! I've bought a lot of painting videos and this is the best of it's kind I've seen. The split screen idea works really well and I found your explanations and tips to be very insightful. The lesson notes were a real bonus too. I'll be working on this for a while but I'm already looking forward to your next dvd.
Thanks again, Bruce Sim" (New Zealand)


"Hi Richard. Thought I would let you know what I thought about your free lesson. I discovered your site Saturday morning and downloaded your free lesson. The technical notes were invaluable and having them so easily accessible was also very helpful - especially for people like us who aren't quite so computer literate.

I also really enjoyed the lesson - what made it especially good was that it was a painting lesson - not a sightseeing tour or a description of what you were going to do back in the studio.  I liked that the whole focus of the lesson (and the camera) was on the painting rather than on you (even though I am sure you are very photogenic).  The shots of the colours used and how you mix and lay them out on your palette were also helpful.

The lesson notes with the tone chart, finished painting and palette of colours was a real bonus.
All in all I think you have created a very professional lesson and I don't know how you could improve on what you have.  Just keep up the good work!
All the best, Janine" (New Zealand)

"Hi Richard. I got a chance to look at your video this morning. 
I think the video is terrific. It's really amazing how much you get into a fifteen minute spot. Honestly, I thought that the speeded up painting would be disconcerting, but took a chance, because the price was so reasonable. But, in reality, it works fine. I would compare it to an in-depth article in a magazine or the chapter of a book in the way it feels to take in the information and the condensation of material. I'm surprised how much I like it. Obviously, because there's so much in the episode, I'll view it again and again because I'm sure I'll pick up new things each time.

I'd also add that I'm a very experienced painter, but like most artists I know, I am continually looking for more instruction, more information, more stimulation. And, there was actually some new stuff here for me, especially about how to view a scene (not looking into shadows and light, etc.). Maybe it's because you live in another part of the world and say things differently, but it's true. (I live in New York City)

The pdf is also very helpful and really adds value to the package as a reference tool. Oh, and by the way, I liked the finished painting a lot. It really captures the feeling and spirit of the place. Anyway, I'll look forward to more.
All the best, Tom" (United States)
"Hi Richard, I think I have to get out to the places I want to paint and do in depth sketches and color sketches. More and more, I am realizing that what I am learning about is light itself and how it behaves. I am thankful to you for that video about atmospheric perspective because my understanding has taken a big leap in the right direction. I have tried to gain sensible instruction from artists in my own neck of the woods but, their methods are illogical and too avant garde and I can't learn from them. A sensible approach is ideal for me. Once I feel I have a good foundation, I'll fly. Once I understand the principles I'll be free. Just watching the progression of your paintings is getting me closer to that freedom in my understanding. Talk to you soon."
Greg (United States)

”Hi Richard, Let me tell you one thing straight. You are the best art teacher I have ever seen in the past 25 years. I know you are not that old therefore when I began to be interesting in art you were a lad. I have read hundreds of books but I have to say you have come up with the right approach and the right technique. You made a beautiful clean and smart web-site. You got what it takes believe me.

The only thing you can improve is to tell the people how fantastic it is to be an artist, and that they to can become one following your tutorials. People usually have a great desire for art, but they lack a confidence. Spend a couple of minutes to boost their morals; I will assure you that it will pay-off.

In this time of world recession, this is your chance to do good for yourself and for blocks out there. Do not miss this opportunity. This is your life mission the Lord has given you.
May His blessings be upon you and your family.”
Giacomo (United Kingdom) 13 Nov 2008

"Hi Richard, I wanted to tell you that in your DVDs I bought, I really appriciated a lot having the written notes in english because I noticed I had problems to focus both on your comments and demo. It's not because of you but I guess it's because english is not my native language and my brain works like that. I also like to read the notes without having to watch the video. I don't know if you sell a lot to foreign people but keep this in mind, for a foreigner it's a good help.Thanks again, your paintings are beautiful and you reward to become an International artist."
Anne (France)

"Your lesson is very good Richard! You have a great approach to instruction that is helpful to many people"
David Atwater (United States)


"Richard, I found your website while searching on You Tube and countless other specialized sites (in the arts) for a specific answer: how to do rocks and waves on a large canvas. Your site was appealing to me for many reasons: - Contrary to most tutorials out there with a "how to" approach, your instructions provided the "why" i.e. the underlying principles, for instance, why mountains in the background would be a different color than those in the foreground, and which colours would have to be blended to render the most realistic effect. Therefore, remembering how to do it the next time will be easier because I understand why I am doing it. It is, if I may say so, a very holistic approach to painting. The creative right brain is at the service of the pragmatic left brain. As someone who once pursued an education to become a math teacher and later chose the communications field, your right brain-left brain method is delightful!

Your website is the perfect example of how to market a product with passion and a little bit of boldness. It is consistent with your advertizing for the guide to selling your art. You walk the talk as they say! - I am sensitive to promoting the beauty of New Zealand while sharing knowledge. The sound of the waves in the background is conducive to a moment of creativity... I look forward to applying your principles and completing my painting (from weekend to weekend!). Good inspiration on your marketing efforts!"
Micheline (Canada)

"An artist friend who's work seemed to have taken off recently with fantastically beautiful lighting effects passed me the your web site details. I had a quick first look and as a photographer was fascinated to see your treatment of light. I had been trying for some time to create depth and vibrancy in my paintings and found the light in your finished pictures inspirational. I subsequently spent a long time on the site looking at finished work and the instruction videos  - and soon bought a $10 lesson as a trial. Pleased and delighted with the live demonstration and printable instructions, I went on to purchase the Prezzy Pack - not least because the art business book sounded just what I needed.

I am currently enjoying your clear unhurried instruction and the attractively presented course notes. I found the business book full of motivating ideas and masses of valuable information that would have taken ages to track down. A real effort saver, enabling more painting time - and less time searching or generally administrating. Overall, I think you have shown me the way ahead as I have now seen the direction I want to travel. You have given  me the opportunity to move on both artistically and promotionally. Please do keep me informed about any new instructional movies you make. I am currently studying two separate weekday classes at an excellent local college plus a number of their optional 'Saturday Schools' I also belong to two very active local art societies - so will spread the good news."
Erik (United Kingdom)

What are people saying about the Mastering Color Course?

Visit his Website >  
"This is a top ranking colour course that covers all of the main points with clarity and straight talk. It's practical and down to earth and easy to understand. The mind boggles when I think of how many painters can use this video."
Robert Genn (Canada)
Note: Robert Genn's work is well known internationally and he is recognized as one of Canada's most accomplished painters.


Visit his Website >  

"I must congratulate you on your series about colour. As you know I have been down the road for many years and I am still learning, and always will. You are approaching the matter out of a completely different angle to all the others I have seen and learned from. Absolutely brilliant! You have really put a tremendous amount of effort and energy into it."
Dennis Clarke (New Zealand)
Note: Dennis has over  60 years of drawing and painting experience behind him. He has also been teaching people of all ages to paint in various mediums for over 23 years.

Learn more about Mastering Color >>

"Richard: Thanks. I received the DVD Mastering Color and spent the whole afternoon looking at it. It is really a terrific learning tool. Also, the other DVD's you sent were so good. I learned a lot from them which is what I need. I never went to art school but have been painting for 45 years. I will never hang in a museum but a lot of people like what I do. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your lessons."
Judith (United States)

Learn more about Mastering Color >>


"I'm watching very carefully your videos and enjoying them a lot! I have studied art and have had many teachers that where very good artists but for my bad luck where very bad teachers... Instead  your way of is teaching is very good! very clear and easy to understand, so I think you well deserve the Italian title of "Maestro"!  I really love colour theory it is a big part of why I paint, and the tonal quality of your works is fantastic! it really was a surprise finding your work on the net and you have quickly become one of my favorite modern landscape painters. Looking forward to seeing new paintings and dvds from you, all the best."
Marcello (Italy)

Visit her Website >  

"Dear Richard,
I have received your DVDs on Color and the Master Class Landscapes. I have watched them several times and keep watching them as every time I see them I learn something new.  I have become so frustrated in regard to color, but since I am a visual person your DVDs have helped me to understand all these theories very clearly. Not only that, the notes you provide are invaluable reference tools. 

What a wonderful job of an absolutely great workshop. These will be treasured for a life time. The information you provide on these DVDs is priceless, I want to thank and commend you on a great job, as a painter and a teacher!  Thank you for sharing.
Maria Reinhard" (Canada)

Visit his Website >  

"A brilliant course... I learned more about color in the first two chapters than 2 college courses I have taken."
John (United States)

Visit her Website >  

"Dear Richard,
Just wanted you to know the course downloaded right away and  I have watched everything once and some parts twice. Some of these things have been explained to me many times and my head was still spinning. I can honestly say you are pulling it all together for me. 

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Washington in Seattle. Since then I have studied with three master painters, have been juried into regional, national and international exhibitions. Even so, I know when my work hits the mark I want and when it doesn't. When my work is off, I know it is color relationships that are bothering me. However, I often am not quite sure how to "fix" them. Your course is looking like the best "next step." 
Thanks! " Marilyn (United States)

Learn more about Mastering Color >>

"I would like to highly recommend Mastering Colour - a set of videos and supporting materials produced by New Zealand artist Richard Robinson.  I have a few - relatively minor reservations (see below) - but I believe that this video course would be of great benefit both to beginners and advanced artists (e.g. those who have taken formal courses, say at art school).  It is primarily aimed at those who want to paint in oils, acrylics or gouache (but watercolourists could get a lot from it to).

So what do you get for your money?  Just over 120 minutes of video instruction divided into eight chapters.  Starting with two short introductory chapters it than moves through describing colour, values, colour mixing and concludes with chapters on manipulating colour, colour harmony (one of the most concise, lucid and useful presentations on this subject I have seen) and light effects.  From the chapter on values onwards, each contains suggested exercises (between three and seven per chapter), many of which are demonstrated in detail on the video (which is ideal for the less confident beginner).

Then you get the supporting materials.  Each chapter is accompanied by a pdf which is a transcript together with most of the still images used in the video and some screen shots.  Some people would regard these materials alone as worth the price charged.  As well as these notes on each video (about 15 pages each) you get an assortment of goodies that you can print out - you'll need a colour inkjet or laser printer and some photo quality paper if you want to make good copies.  Richard provides a variety of colour wheels, value scales and geometrical figures - each of which comes in each grey scale value and twelve different colours.  You get sets of cubes, cones, cylinders and dodecahedrons.  Some of these are used directly in the exercises and the others make very useful additional material.

Finally you get a colour harmony tool (gamut masks for special colour wheel provided) and the Ultimate Painter's Tool which I find extremely useful in painting (or drawing) from life.  Again you have to print this out onto photo quality paper, then cut and paste the tool together.  Essentially it helps you with sighting, creating a composition, estimating proportions, getting angles and horizontals/verticals correct, and isolating and identifying spot colours and values.

I would like to congratulate Richard on the very high production values of his work - both the video and pdf's are of very high quality.  This is not just a guy with his webcam shooting some footage at home.  It's comparable or better than a number of professionally produced art instruction DVDs I have.

When you produce a course like this you have to decide how much colour theory you are going to include and how to balance this with the more directly applicable material.  To my mind Richard has got this about right.  He has avoided the one extreme of providing a massive amount of detail (like the Bruce MacEvoy's colour theory website ) which few have the stamina to study and assimilate, or the other extreme of just showing a value scale and a colour wheel (as you'll find in many of the mass market "art instructional" books).

I can imagine a beginning painter, starting out from scratch, would gain immense benefit from the first five chapters alone which take you to being able to confidently mix any colour you see.  The more advanced or experienced painter would find a lot to interest them in the final three chapters on manipulating colour, harmony and light effects.

For those of his students who want more colour theory, Richard provides a list of references which includes the excellent site "Dimensions of Colour" by David Briggs
( ).  This gives you the sort of detail you'd get during an art school training (or maybe even a little more).

I have a few minor reservations with the material, however:

· To my mind, Richard doesn't provide sufficiently clear guidance to the beginning painter on a suitable palette of colours (perhaps because no two artists can ever agree on this!);

· For what it's worth I would suggest they start with a split primary palette of six colours plus white: a warm and cool version of each of red, blue and yellow.  Richard mentions this in Chapter 5 and says that this is his favourite palette.  (If you want to know why this works so well and is probably the best "beginners" palette, get Michael Wilcox's excellent book Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green , 2 nd Edition, 2001, ISBN 0967 9628 70, .)

· I would suggest that until a beginner gains some experience with this they should not try a more restricted palette of, e.g. just three colours.  These restricted palette exercises are useful - and the sort of thing you'd do quite a lot of at art school - but until you have mastered the use of your basic palette they can just be confusing, especially if you are working alone.

· Another minor point; in these videos Richard talks about the use of black.  In my opinion guys, this is just lazy - we shouldn't be using black! (Unless you want to make a value scale, and even then you've got to adjust it.) Unless you plan on doing your paintings in a physics lab or down a coal mine you won't find true blacks in nature.  What we might think of as a black is just a high chroma (highly saturated), highly subdued pair of complementary colours.  (Note from Richard - all of that information is covered in the course.) If you can understand this you'll be on the way to mastering colourful greys (and you're colour mixing will be a lot better too; see Michael Wilcox's book for more about this).

These few quibbles notwithstanding, I do highly recommend this course for anyone who thinks they haven't mastered colour and I'm eagerly looking forward to see what Richard produces in the future.

Andrew Khabaza

Epsom, Surrey UK"

Learn more about Mastering Color >>

What are people saying about
The Complete Artist's Success Guide?

"Hi Richard, I'm more than happy to supply you with a testimonial for your ebook. I've been a professional artist for 3 years now and was thinking about going back to my old job (accounting) with the recession hitting, but your book has given me the knowledge and the hope I needed to keep going with the painting and for that I am deeply grateful. If you would like me to provide a more detailed critique of the book I certainly will, but for now I wanted to let you know that it has kept me on track, and even changed my course altogether in some respects. I wish you the best success in reaching other people with this book.
Kind Regards, Trisha". (United States)

Visit her Website >  
"Richard Robinsons Artists success guidebook is an excellent resource for any artist planning to paint professionally, or professional artist wanting to make more from their art.  It is packed full of sound advice, clear directions and wise councel covering a wide range of subjects to inspire, prompt, and direct your artistic jouney. I highly recomend it as a great investment in your artistic career that you will refer to again and again.

It was really good reading your story, it not only inspires but also is a kind of qualification for the advice that follows. All the links to websites, etc is a great added resource as it can take so long to find what you need on the internet!

I liked the wide range of help/inspiration for personal development, ways to get inspired is perhaps one I should print out. I like your thankyou stone. The section on Goal setting is very good, it was really interesting to hear the personal experience side of your advice, how it worked for you and what you learned from it.

I'm really glad you included things like how to balance your life, in with the practical because it is so important but easily overlooked in the big picture! Money is not enough when your burnt out and miserable! It was facinating to read the page from your jounal too. :-)

Business development
Wow, why have i not read a list of What paintings sell the fastest anywhere in any other artists advice? This is great. So much great advice! Not just markets but marketing ourselves, something every artist is told to do but never told how! It is not something that comes naturally to us and again, the stories of your and other artists experiences add a special something.
Thanks again Richard for your support and encouragement, Serena." (New Zealand)
"It's great Richard. I think your current book is really loaded with good, solid advice, and the additional info will be particularly helpful to me as I'm in the process of putting together a web site now. One of the most outstanding qualities of your book is that, in reality, what it's really about is how you live as an artist. I think artists focus too much on acquiring skills, worrying about style, getting a gallery, acceptance, etc. Yet, in reality, although all those things matter, your ultimate success is dependent on whether you can live the life of an artist.
Thanks again. Best wishes, Tom. "

"Hi Richard. Just had a quick read of the book. Both the personal development and the business development have a nice read to them. Your business development section is very extensive and seems very exhaustive, including being up to date with all sorts of possible ways (certainly more than I knew existed) to market and create sales/name for oneself as an artist. Looking forward to a more indepth read this weekend.
Cheers, Eric." (New Zealand)

"THANKYOU! Hi Richard, I've just finished your book and am about to start it again - it was so full of information I'm going to print it out now and start highlighting things so they really sink in. I loved the section about the web which showed me where I was going wrong and has given me a new direction. There's so much to think about there, but I'll start out with the major stuff first. Really looking forward to see how all this changes my business in the coming months - I will write and let you know how much your book has helped me. Thanks again for all the info!
All the best, Duanne." (United Kingdom)
I found the business book full of motivating ideas and masses of valuable information that would have taken ages to track down. A real effort saver, enabling more painting time - and less time searching or generally administrating. Overall, I think you have shown me the way ahead as I have now seen the direction I want to travel. You have given  me the opportunity to move on both artistically and promotionally.
Erik (United Kingdom)



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