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"What a wonderful job of an absolutely great workshop. These will be treasured for a life time. The information you provide on these DVDs is priceless, I want to thank and commend you on a great job, as a painter and a teacher!  Thank you for sharing."

What stops beginners from improving quickly?

I've found in my many years as a painting instructor teaching thousands of artists all over the world, the same basic problems keep revealing themselves in beginner painters...

1. Limited knowledge of painting techniques and processes

2. Limited knowledge of colour mixing and matching

3. Limited knowledge of how light affects form and colour.

4. Limited knowledge of how to see like an artist.

Not only will you overcome all these basic problems with this painting course, but you'll be able to APPLY your new skills to your own paintings and you'll see a truly wonderful transformation take place in your creations.

Richard Robinson
Richard Robinson
Your Painting Tutor

I'm often asked to recommend which videos a beginner should start out with from all my painting videos. I believe these are the 3 best for beginners. Here's why:

1. Mastering Color teaches you to see and paint color. Color can be a huge stumbling block for beginners. This course puts you on the right track to fast improvement.
Suitable for all mediums.

2. Painting Workshops 2 : 4 Still Life Projects from Life.
The next step is to take all that learning and apply it to some still life practice. There are 4 still life lessons from beginner to intermediate level to help develop your skills.
Suitable for Oils, Acrylics and some Watercolour.

3. Painting Workshops 1: 4 Landscape Projects from Photographs
Now we start looking at the beautiful world around us and I explain step by step how you can start expressing it on canvas. A big part of that is understanding why things look like they do, then there's learning how to paint it the way you see it, and then taking it to the next level - making art that is beautiful in its own right, not just a copy of what you see.
Suitable for Oils, Acrylics and some Watercolour.

I still remember my first paintings on canvas, how exciting and wonderful it was but also how frustrating it was because I knew how I wanted my paintings to look (by being inspired by great artist's work) but I didn't know how to get there, what were the rules, how could I mix that colour, how could they make it look so real yet so much more expressive than any photograph???

I wish I'd had someone to show me the ropes when I was starting out, but I had to struggle through by myself. Now I hope I can help you by showing you all the pitfalls to avoid like muddy colour, poor drawing and composition, lack of variety and unity to name just a few, and to help you put your feet on the path to painting freely with deep knowledge, expression and passion.

I do hope you'll join me.

Happy painting!

Mastering Color
120 minutes of expert tuition
Includes over 40 Breakthrough Color Techniques
159 pages of digital lesson notes!

Painting Workshops 1
4 Landscape Projects from photographs
86 minutes of expert tuition
Step by step instructions
Over 500 student paintings to compare
26 comprehensive painting critiques
Painting Workshops 2
4 Still Life Projects from life
88 minutes of expert tuition
Step by step instructions
Over 500 student paintings to compare
15 comprehensive painting critiques
United States
"Mastering Color is a brilliant course... I learned more about color in the first two chapters than 2 college courses I have taken."
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Oil Painting Basics    
  Oil Painting Basics
  Tips and tricks from professional artist Richard Robinson on exactly how to get started in oil painting. Includes a colour mixing excercise to help you create your very first oil painting.
  The Beginners Guide to...
Paints   Storage
Mediums   Varnishing
Brushes   Framing
Painting   Colour Mixing
Cleaning   Inspiration


Invest in your passion


Richard Robinson
Richard Robinson

You are going to absolutely LOVE the transformation you'll see in your paintings.
Wish I could be there to see your face!

:-) Enjoy.

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DVD's $115

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