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Mastering Color AND Sunsets

70 Pages including 38 Paintings! Just click the book now.

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Mastering Color

FREE Chapter 1 - Color Theory

Mastering Sunsets

FREE Chapters 1 & 2 - Sunset Physics

Knowledge is the first step to Mastery


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    Mastering Color course (2hrs)
     Includes over 40 Breakthrough Color Techniques
159 pages of Lesson Notes
     Printable Notes are included in the DVD - not paper notes

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Mastering Sunsets Course (2.5hrs)
     7 Complete painting demonstrations
80 Pages of Lesson Notes
     Printable Notes are included online - not paper notes
30 Student Critiques
Online Colour Harmony Tool
Bonus Online Content

United States
"A brilliant course... I learned more about color in the first two chapters than 2 college courses I have taken."
New Zealand
"Hi Richard. Thought I would let you know what I thought about your lessons. The technical notes were invaluable and having them so easily accessible was also very helpful - especially for people like us who aren't quite so computer literate.

I also really enjoyed the lesson - what made it especially good was that it was a painting lesson - not a sightseeing tour or a description of what you were going to do back in the studio.  I liked that the whole focus of the lesson (and the camera) was on the painting rather than on you.  The shots of the colours used and how you mix and lay them out on your palette were also helpful.

The lesson notes with the tone chart, finished painting and palette of colours was a real bonus. All in all I think you have created a very professional lesson and I don't know how you could improve on what you have.  Just keep up the good work!
All the best, Janine"
"What a wonderful job of an absolutely great workshop. These will be treasured for a life time. The information you provide on these DVDs is priceless, I want to thank and commend you on a great job, as a painter and a teacher!  Thank you for sharing."
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Richard Robinson
Richard Robinson
Your Painting Tutor

I'm often asked which are my favorite painting lessons out of all the lessons I've produced over the years. So far it's these two - Mastering Color and Mastering Sunsets. Here's why:

Mastering Color teaches you to see and paint color. Color can be a huge stumbling block for beginners. This course puts you on the right track to fast improvement. Colour is a huge part of what inspires me to paint.
Suitable for all mediums.

Mastering Sunsets takes colour to the next level and looks specifically at how the light from the Sun interacts with our atmosphere, revealing colour in all its glory. Achieving glowing light effects are a big part of my painting process so I love this painting course because it really focuses on this special area of painting.
Suitable for Oils and Acrylics.

I still remember my first paintings on canvas, how exciting and wonderful it was but also how frustrating it was because I knew how I wanted my paintings to look (by being inspired by great artist's work) but I didn't know how to get there, what were the rules, how could I mix that colour, how could they make it look so real yet so much more expressive than any photograph???

I wish I'd had someone to show me the ropes when I was starting out, but I had to struggle through by myself. Now I hope I can help you by showing you all the pitfalls to avoid like muddy colour, poor drawing and composition, lack of variety and unity to name just a few, and to help you put your feet on the path to painting freely with deep knowledge, expression and passion.

I do hope you'll join me.

Happy painting!


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