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Point Lobos Painting Lesson

Point Lobos DVD
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Point Lobos, California
Join Richard on a painting adventure to one of his favorite painting spots - Point Lobos, California. Paint this stunning impressionistic coastal scene with ease using big brushes. Follow along step by step using the resource photos or use the techniques to create something more your own.
Design for success
Thin/thick paint application
Painting ocean waves
Simplifying complex detail
Atmospheric glowing light effects
Building trees
The dark to light painting process
Critical finishing touches
Step by step video instructions
High quality photo resources
5 comprehensive painting critiques
Student paintings to compare with
Running Time: 60min
View Online or DVD
Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Medium: Oil or Acrylic

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Paint this stunning impressionistic coastal scene.
You're going to love this!
Learn how to weave together a scene's elements, atmosphere and light.
Designing for success
Setting the stage to enhance the foreground
Paint moving water with real structure and light effects
Create a gorgeous glowing light effect
Grow an organic tree with paint
The power of using broken colour and reflected light
Those crisp finishing details that bring it all together into...

The finished painting.

"Point Lobos" 15 x 18" Oil on Canvas by Richard Robinson.
Click to enlarge.


Point Lobos II

A larger painting in the studio.

"Point Lobos II" 20 x 47" Oil on Canvas by Richard Robinson.


Your resource photos

Resource Photo Resource Photo Resource Photo
Click to enlarge
You'll ALSO learn...

~ How to get the drawing right.

~ How to mix colours.

~ How to check the overall colouring before you commit to the whole painting.

~ How to avoid being overwhelmed, by sticking to a simple system.

~ The power and excitement of using a big brush to make your painting much looser than normal.

~ How to add more drama to your painting with dark and light accents.

~ How to critique your own painting to ensure that you improve in leaps and bounds.

~ And so much more!



Student Gallery

Painting Critiques


Student Painting

"Point Lobos" 9x12" WB Oil on board by Jim Haycock

Great Impressionistic feel to this painting Jim. Very much reminds me of Monet's series at Etretat:

The Cliff Of Aval, Etretat is a painting by Claude Monet

"The Cliff of Aval, Etrétat" by Claude Monet 1885

Very similar! The one thing Monet has done differently is to spend more time making clear shapes, which tends to make a painting easier to read. Creating more definite colour shapes also helps to keep colour areas separate and avoids muddiness which has occurred through much of your painting.

Take a step back from your painting and your foreground trees on the right are blending in with the background hill. Having foreground objects blending in with background objects is something I always try to avoid because it tends to flatten the painting and make it difficult to read. I would recommend either lightening the background there or darkening the tree in order to separate those two planes of depth.

Similarly the top of the trees on the second hill are blending in with the sky and muddying the colours there. I'd suggest repainting the sky there to solve that. Soft edges in the distance do help with creating depth but beware of overdoing it and muddying the sky. This softening effect has worked really well in the furthest hills, largely because the cooler colours there are more similar to the sky colour and so do not muddy the sky when blended with it.

You've given more space to the sky in your painting than in my design and to your credit have filled it with effective clouds full of motion and spirit. Nicely done. Conversely, the thin strip of land clinging to the bottom of the painting feels more like an afterthought - like you tried to squeeze it in at the end. Horizontals imply stability and calm. Diagonals imply motion and excitement. I always try to remember that when designing a scene with the intention that my design should speak about the feeling of the place. Something to dwell on. Overall a very pleasing painting with a few things I'd encourage you to think about. Good job!


Student Painting

"Point Lobos" Oil, canvas, 30cm x 60cm by Elena Sokolova

A very light filled and colourful painting Elena. Nicely done. I have only compliments to give you for this work but for a small note to be careful of making repeating patterns with your brushwork as is evident in the sky and water. Easy to say, hard to do! Great work Elena.


Student Painting

"Point Lobos" 18x8" Oil on Canvas by Denis King

Great work here Denis. Your own painterly style is shining through giving this a lot of motion and energy. Looks to me as if you've done everything pretty well spot on, at least in terms of doing everything that I taught in this lesson, so if anything's wrong now it's my fault. Looks good to me. Good job.


Student Painting

"Coastal Light" 8x16" Oil on Canvas by Laurena Beirns

Hi Laurena, good to see you working out that glowing light effect and paying good attention to the waves and cliff forms especially. If I can make a suggestion, looking over all your previous work it would simply be to pay more attention to the drawing of the scene and individual items. Thankfully drawing is an easy skill to learn well - it just takes practice and you can make it even easier on yourself in these painting projects by printing out my painting and using the grid transfer method to get the drawing accurately onto your canvas. It takes an extra chunk of time but it's well worth it in the end. See the Grid Transfer Method.

In terms of the colour in your painting, particularly in the glowing light area I can recommend using more yellow and orange before you start adding white to your mixtures because white tends to cool down mixtures rather than warming them like yellow and red. Hope that helps a little. Good work!


Critique your own painting like a Pro! Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What medium is this lesson good for?
A Oils and Acrylics.
Q What skill range is this suitable for?
A Intermediate to advanced painters. Some beginners.
Q If I don't like the lesson can I get a refund?
A Yes just email us. No problem at all. Get a full refund for all purchases.
Q Can I download the lesson?
A Yes you can download the video onto your computer or device or watch it online. You will have lifetime access to the lesson.
Annie Hemsley
New Zealand
"Richard Robinson's workshops are a wonderful learning tool. Richard is generous with his knowledge which is bounteous. There is the added advantage of seeing what other artists from around the world produce for each challenge and Richard's critiques are insightful and inspiring. I commend his teaching ability and have learnt much in the art of painting with oils during this course and hope to continue."

Invest in yourself. Paint like a Pro.

All prices are in US Dollars.
View Online requires broadband.
DVD Price excludes shipping.
DVD plays in all regions.
Worldwide delivery in 1-3 weeks.
Full Moneyback Guarantee.

Running Time: 60min
Beginner - Intermediate
Oils or Acrylics

Point Lobos DVD


View Online $35
Also allows Download
DVD $45
1-3 week delivery
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