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Mastering Sunsets
The Complete Course for Oils or Acrylics,
Beginner to Advanced

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Mastering Sunsets  
Paint stunning sunsets!
  Sunsets are one of the most alluring subjects for painters, but also one of the trickiest to get right. Learn the keys to painting successful sunsets in this comprehensive and inspiring course with New Zealand artist Richard Robinson.
2.5 Hours of easy to follow tutorials
7 Complete painting demonstrations
30 Student critiques
*80 Pages of printable lesson notes
  (The Lesson Notes are also available in Español)
Online colour harmony tool
Bonus online content
Subtitles in English and Español.
* The lesson notes are provided digitally online so that you can study them on your computer or print them out. You get all the same course content whether you purchase the DVD or the View Online/Download version - they're both the same, although the bonus online content is only available online.
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Course Contents
FREE Chapters 1 & 2 - Sunset Physics

Knowledge is the first step to Mastery

Chapter 3 - Colour Lingo
What's the best way to THINK about colour?

Having a standard way to describe colour lets us think about colour more clearly, which leads to better colour decisions. Learn the best method to conceptualize colour when analyzing color in nature AND when mixing on the palette.
What are the 3 dimensions of colour?
Why is colour temperature important?
Chapter 4 - Painters Keys
What do painters need to know about sunsets?

I'll show you the common pitfalls of painting sunsets. Once you know what they are it's much easier to avoid them.
What's the number one thing we get wrong?
How does chroma affect our percepton?
What are the effects of too much white?
How can gradations help us?
What's so important about warms and cools?
How are our eyes tricking us?
What childhood symbols are you painting?
How can clouds make or break a painting?
Chapter 5 - Photography
Get the best possible sunset photos to paint from.

We're going to save plein air (outdoor ) painting till the end and get to grips with painting sunsets using photographs first. I show you how to get the best photos to work from.
Why doesn't your camera capture sunsets well?
Which photos does a painter need?
How can you expose for the foreground?
What is HDR and how can it help?
How can you better prepare for photographing?
Project 1 - Photography
Let's get started!

Demo Painting Video
You're going to need some good reference photos to start with. You can use ours or get your own if you prefer. The following painting projects will work just as well either way.

This chapter gets you to set up a library of sunset photos on your computer that you can use at any time.
Project 2 - Value Study
The first step to mastering sunset colour.

Demo Painting Video
Value is the very first thing we get wrong in sunset paintings, so this project gets you started on the right foot, allowing you to focus on value, the painting process, brushwork and edges before things get trickier.
What's so good about 'chromatic' black?
How can you check value accurately?
How can you mix a 5 value colour string?
How can you avoid making mud?
Includes several student critiques
Project 3 - Glazing
Techniques for powerful colour.

Demo Painting Video
An introduction to the glazing technique that you can use to enhance and unify the colour in your sunset paintings.
What is the step by step glazing method?
Includes several student critiques
Project 4 - Alla Prima
The fast and fluid technique.

Alla Prima means 'at once', better known as the wet in wet technique. This is how you get the painting looking so fluid and passionate.
Why work outwards from the sun?
How can you avoid making mud?
How can you improve on a photo?
What are the keys to painting cools vs warms?
How can glazing improve the finished painting?
Project 5 - The Glow
Improve your skills on a larger canvas.

Demo Painting Video

Explanations and demonstations taking you step by step through this beautiful sunset painting and learning more about:

Painting a glowing light effect.
Painting beyonf the limitations of a camera.
Inventing a scene from various resources.
All Prima brushwork on a larger canvas.
Includes several student critiques.
Project 6 - Colour Harmony
A special technique to achieve colour harmony.

Demo Painting Video

Explanations and demonstrations taking you step by step through this beautiful sunset painting and learning more about:

Colour harmony.
The Gamut Mask Tool.
Using colour strings.
Inventing a scene from various resources.
Special light and water effects.
All Prima brushwork on a larger canvas.
Includes several student critiques.
Project 7 - Plein Air
Get out there and paint!

Demo Painting Video

The final key to mastering sunsets - Plein Air (outdoor) painting from life!

How to setup for plein air painting.
Tips for successful plein air work.
Painting better than a camera.
Analysing relative colour.
Painting a large glowing effect.
Painting sun rays.
Includes several student critiques.
BONUS Project 8 - Inventing Light
Turn an everyday scene into a glowing sunsets painting.

Demo Painting Video
Using all the skills learned in the previous projects we take a ho-hum photo and make it glow with light.
Improving on a photo.
Drawing boats made easy.
Using premixed grays.
Bending yoru colours.
Painting a large glowing effect.
Thin vs thick paint for more interest.
Includes several student critiques.
Download it here - 80 pages.
Also available in Español

Click to view download page
No joke, no strings, download it now.

The Course Notes contain the contents of the entire course, including the transcripts of all the demo videos.

It is my hope in giving you the notes that you will want to see the videos that make up the bulk of the course, but if you don't in the end purchase Mastering Sunsets then I do hope you have enjoyed some part of the course and feel free to pass the course notes on to your friends.


Click to view the entire album - 100's of photos, FREE to use.
Join the fun! Upload your own images and chat with other sunset painters on Facebook.
Click to view photos
View all the materials recommended in this course.
Note that both oils and acrylics are included, and even an easel.
You probably won't need everything on the list, so just choose the items that suit your needs.
Dorian Aronson
United States
Mastering Sunsets knocked my socks off.  I can't believe all the solid information you have put into this course.  These certainly are your very best teaching videos. All artists, beginners through experienced  who desire to paint beautiful  sunsets will not be disappointed. Richard you were born to teach and it shows in every brush stroke and in every lesson you give.  You have the personality to convince me that if I really want to learn I can and then you show me how.

My wish is that  my words will convince every one who desires to paint a sunset to purchase this course ASAP. Then hopefully they will join The Complete Artist and have a wonderful time learning something that will bring them joy.
guarantee   Full 30 Day Money
Back Guarantee
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If you watch the dvd and didn't think it was worth the
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- absolutely no problem.
Buy the course and get started!
All prices are in US Dollars.
View Online requires broadband.
View Online allows you to download.
DVD Price excludes shipping.
DVD plays in all regions.
Worldwide delivery in 1-3 weeks.
Full Moneyback Guarantee.
View Online $45
(also allows Download)
DVD $55
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Michael Severin
United States
I loved the Mastering Sunsets course.  It is one of the most comprehensive and  finest instructional painting courses that I have taken.  We move through progressive learning chapters in which every phase of the process of painting a sunset painting is explained.  I highly recommend Mastering Sunsets to anyone who wishes to learn how to paint this elusive art form.

Richard I really like your instruction because it is not a "watch me paint" is everything from the conception, composition, values, color mixes, etc. show everything and explain what you are doing and why you are doing it ...that is important to me. Thanks again.
Stuart Gourlay
United States
Richard, you have done it once again! Just like your “Mastering Color” course, your new comprehensive video course,“Mastering Sunsets”, is an essential addition to the library of any serious representational artist. With lessons on the physics of light and how to photograph sunsets, detailed course notes, hundreds of photo references and critiqued student paintings, and multiple video demonstrations, “Mastering Sunsets” will assure the artist who completes the course a true mastery of painting light at the end of the day.
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Richard Robinson  
"Hi guys, this course was over two years in the making from inception to completion. I've left nothing out and hundreds of artists around the world have added to the rich content so you can learn not just from me but from all their trials and triumphs.
Happy Painting!"

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