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MasterPieces 1
From Many, One.
In 2014 eighty artists from around the world joined together to create a single Masterpiece.
80 Artists from across the globe.

Each artist was given a photograph of a segment of
John Singer Sargeant's "Paul Helleu Sketching His Wife - 1889".
John Singer Sargeant
Each artist painted on a 10x10" canvas according to their own style.
After many months, and joining all the pieces together, this is their unique vision…
"MasterPieces 1" 80x100" Mixed media on Canvas, Paper and Board

Adriana Guidi

Ana Murza

Anika Baranyai

Anna Stenier-Karadjova

Azra Iqbal

Beverly Alldridge

Bhavna Sehgal

Brenda Osborne

Carolyn Brundson

Ceci Lam

Christine Lewis

Cristina Mihailescu

David B. Foster

Debby Badder

Diana King

Donna Spears Lauzon

Dorian Aronson

Elena Sokolova

Eliece N Getson

Faisal Tariq

Frank Brooks

Gina Dalkin-Davis

Harald Skog

Hazel Persson

Irina Averinos

Jan Duarte

Jan Oxendale

Janet Bonneau

Janette Maley

Jean Marchant

Jessica Futerman

Julia Childers

Kathrin Guenther

Lanny Sherwin

Laura A Toth

Laura Xu

Linda Hearn

Linda L. Kano


Lori Ippolito

Lynda Manson

Maithilee Samant

Marcelle Larochelle

Maria Woolrich

Marilynn Jeffery

Marina Laliberte

Mary Jo Ellis

Mary M

Maureen Murray-Wilcox

Melanie Harbin

Michael Severin

Monica Cavanagh

Moyra Le Blanc Smith

Nancy Sands

Nancy Yu

Ningning Li

Pandalana Williams

Patricia Getha

Peter Inglis

Phyllis Henson

pog summers

Renate Roske-Shelton

Rhonda Sciacca

Richard Michael Taylor

Richard Robinson

Riya (Rita)

Roberta Murray

Ruth Reid

Sarah Brown

Sharon Casavant

Sharon Repple

Sherri Westfall

Sherry Hullender

Silvana M Albano

Steinunn Einarsdottir

Stuart J. Gourlay

Suzanne Dansereau

Tracy Maisch

Vangie Tyrrell

Wendy Proffitt


The high quality print of this timeless global Masterpiece is now available for purchase.

Art Prints

All proceeds go to - individuals working together for a better world.


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