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FREE Still Life Painting Lessons

A selection of the best still life painting demonstrations in the world (and some of my own).
If you find any other high quality painting lessons or demos you
think would fit well on this page please contact me and let me know.
Still Life - Fruit
Watch a still life painting evolve in timelapsed video.
2 hours painting compressed into 5 minutes. Oil on canvas. 8x8".
Artist: Richard Robinson
Still Life - Urn and Fruit
This is a time lapsed painting demo from August 18, 2007.
Artist: Qiang Huang
Still Life - Apple
Daily still life painting - 5"x5" - very fine realistic painting.
Artist: Jos van Riswick
Still Life - Ball Bearing
Daily still life painting - excellent attention to detail and light.
Artist: Duane Keiser
Still Life - Yellow Pepper
Daily still life painting - great economy of brushwork and study of large color masses.
Artist: Carol Marine
FREE Still Life Painting Lessons
Detailed step by step introduction to the Flemish painting technique.
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    Student Comments

    "I really enjoyed the lesson... The shots of the colours used and how you mix and lay them out on your palette were also helpful. The lesson notes with the tone chart, finished painting and palette of colours was a real bonus. You have created a very professional lesson and I don't know how you could improve on what you have. Just keep up the good work!"
    Janine, New Zealand
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