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FREE Colour Painting Lessons

A selection of the best colour painting
demonstrations in the world.
If you find any other high quality painting lessons or demos you
think would fit well on this page please contact me and let me know.
Colour - Mixing Flesh Tones
Artist: Jeremiah Palecek
Going through the process of how to mix a good base flesh tone using only red, yellow, a touch of blue and white.
Colour - Colour Schemes Theory Basics
Artist: Sessions Online
Tutorial video from Sessions Online Schools of Art & Design's "Color Theory" course.
Colour - Using Colour as Value
Artist: Sessions Online
Tutorial video from Sessions Online School of Fine Arts' "Portrait Painting" course.
FREE Painting Colour Lessons
The Dimensions of Colour
This website presents an account of the dimensions of colour and light perception, written for painters using either traditional or digital mediums. This is an excellent resource providing even more depth than most artist's require.
Triangulation of Light and Dark
To create the feeling of light, it is important to have a hierarchy of lights and darks. If you have several lights and darks of equal value spread over canvas, you will surely kill off any life and excitement in your work. The problem is that it is very difficult to keep track of all the subtle shifts in tone. On the opposite side you can be so subtle and afraid to paint powerfully that you end up with a dull mess. One answer, for Michael Newberry , is this triangulation of light and dark...
Integration, Part 2: Color
In this tutorial Michael Newberry shows how he paints extremes of color contrasts.
Tips & Techniques for Correctly Mixing Color
There's nothing more frustrating when painting then not being able to mix the right color. When I first started oil painting, it didn't matter that I could see EXACTLY what color I needed, because everything I mixed up still turned into mud...
Color Theories - The Good, the Bad and the Useless
Although the use of color is not without pitfalls, unlike drawing or pictorial composition, it is the most flexible and tolerant of individual taste of all the aspects of painting. While many of us a seem to born with the ability to draw, few of us are born colorists simply because good color can be achieved only through an intelligent approach born of proper study...
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    Student Comments

    "Richard, Thanks. I received the DVD Mastering Color and spent the whole afternoon looking at it. It is really a terrific learning tool. Also, the other DVD's you sent were so good. I learned a lot from them which is what I need. I never went to art school but have been painting for 45 years. I will never hang in a museum but a lot of people like what I do. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your lessons."
    Judith (United States)
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