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FREE Figure Painting Lessons

A selection of the best figure painting
demonstrations in the world.
If you find any other high quality painting lessons or demos you
think would fit well on this page please contact me and let me know.
Figure - Darin
Artist: David R. Darrow
A portait painting demonstration David gave at the end of 2006.
Figure Drawing from your mind
Artist: Riven Phoenix
This introduction shows you the concept of invention. "The Structure of Man" A Step by Step Series to Understanding Anatomy
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    Student Comments

    "...I think the video is terrific. I would compare it to an in-depth article in a magazine or the chapter of a book in the way it feels to take in the information and the condensation of material. Obviously, because there's so much in the episode, I'll view it again and again because I'm sure I'll pick up new things each time.

    I'd also add that I'm a very experienced painter, and there was actually some new stuff here for me, especially about how to view a scene (not looking into shadows and light, etc.).

    The pdf is also very helpful and really adds value to the package as a reference tool. Oh, and by the way, I liked the finished painting a lot. It really captures the feeling and spirit of the place. Anyway, I'll look forward to more.
    All the best, Tom" U.S.
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