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Want to know how to Succeed in Art AND Business?

This 3 hour dvd with 94 page workbook is packed FULL of powerful practical techniques & priceless insider knowledge to help you on your way.

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    $45 DVD
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    Student Comments

    "It's great Richard. I think your current book is really loaded with good, solid advice, and the additional info will be particularly helpful to me as I'm in the process of putting together a web site now. One of the most outstanding qualities of your book is that, in reality, what it's really about is how you live as an artist. I think artists focus too much on acquiring skills, worrying about style, getting a gallery, acceptance, etc. Yet, in reality, although all those things matter, your ultimate success is dependent on whether you can live the life of an artist.
    Thanks again. Best wishes, Tom. " (US)
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    Who is this book for?
    Artists, Illustrators and Photographers who...

    • have never heard of Art Licensing and want to learn more.
    • have heard of Licensing, but don't quite understand it.
    • have started, but want help building their business.

    "Tara Reed is a great business woman, artist and teacher all rolled into one. Her book is very helpful and easy to digest for any artist interested in licensing their art. I have not found any other person on the web with as much to offer in the art licensing arena. This book, and all of Tara's teaching comes very highly recommended."
    Richard Robinson

    The Goal Wheel for Artists - by Tara Read

    This system works because it isn't too complicated.

    Here's an overview of what you will learn:

    The difference between dreams, goals and tasks.
    Define your "Why" so you want to set and achieve goals.
    How to write effective and ARTSY goals.
    How to leave lots of time to follow your inspiration and creativity.
    10 ways to promote your art.
    10 ways to recharge and stay inspired.
    3 questions to ask yourself before doing any task.
    How to say "No" so you can say "Yes" to your dreams.
    When to get help and what to get help with.
    Tools, techniques and worksheets (mostly fun ones) to track your progress and keep you focused.
    most importantly, how to have fun while you get things done!
    Please note: Some of these products are not Richard Robinson courses, but they do all come with my highest recommendation. I would have liked to have made courses like these for you but there's only one of me and so much to do, so these are the best online courses I could find for you. Any questions concerning the course should be forwarded to the course creators on their website. I get a percentage of the sale when you purchase from them, which allows me more time to work on my lessons, so in taking these lessons you are supporting my teaching as well.
    Many thanks, Richard.

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